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Quilting Frames
Grace Machine Quilter

The Grace Company, makers of fine handquilting products, have now developed the perfect frame for machine quilters: The all-inclusive quilting machine system!

Price: $899.95 + S&H

Multiple Table and Rail Sizes: Crib to Queen!

The Grace Machine Quilter comes complete with three rails, ends and the table tops - a total package that only requires your sewing machine and creativity!

Rail extensions (included) take the frame out to queen size (104"), or you may set it up in crib (70"). The braces and tabletop accommodate either size to create an extremely sturdy frame! King size extensions are available at an extra cost (See Accessories Available).


Quilt From Either Side of the Frame

There are three handle grips at different locations on the frame allowing a variety of quilting positions. The triggers on these handles allow you to engage the foot pedal and begin stitching-its all at your fingertips!

You can quilt from either side of the frame without worrying about where you step!





Quilting from the back of the frame gives you a perfect view of your stitching. Standing at the front of the there are two places you can engage the pedal trigger: waist-high, or shoulder-high whichever is most comfortable. Quilting at the back is ideal if you are following a pattern laid out on the tabletop. A stylus and versatile attaching mechanism is provided with your frame.


Easy and Accurate Fabric Installation

The aluminum rails provided with the Grace Machine Quilter are quilting frame rails done the right way. Grace Company designed, these rails have a slot that allows a wood dowel (provided) and fabric to slide in perfectly! Now fabric will be attached evenly and will stay that way through the entire project.



Smooth, Straight Tracking

How the sewing machine tracks is the key to the entire system. With the Grace Machine Quilter your machine rests on two specially designed, sturdy plates that track perfectly with ball-bearing rollers for an incredibly smooth ride. The wheels on the plates are tractor-style positioned to provide absolute balance and stability for your machine. There is no wobbling. These plates allow for over eight inches of forward/reverse travel in the work area. The only limit to your reach is your own machine.

The tracks for the bottom plate are in-set on the tabletops in pre-cut grooves, so they automatically align and are guaranteed to stay straight.

Excellent Tension Control

Front to back tension is controlled with three high-precision 30-tooth ratchet wheels. These provide easy, smooth rolling of your fabric, and accurate re-setting of the tension. The double-locking stops hold the wheels in place when not rolling.


Perfect side-tension is made possible with our already popular EdgeMasterTM system. Simply pin the cloth sleeve (provided) into edge of all three fabric layers and gently pull out. Then lock the EdgeMasterTM into place using the lever. With our hand-quilting frame this device is and accessory. With the Grace Machine Quilter, it comes packaged with your frame.

Storing the Grace Machine Quilter

When not in use the rails are easily removable, and the legs can be attached for quick storage. Transforms into a hand-stitch quilting frame too!



Accessories Available

4th Rail Option
The extra rail holds the batting up off the floor allowing it to rolling freely into your work area.

King Size Add-on
This option extends the rails and table top to king size

Goose-Neck Lamp
The Grace Machine Quilter has a perfect spot for this lamp to provide extra light in your work area.

Height Adjustable Legs
Leg extensions are available to raise the entire frame up a few inches for taller quilters to getting a better look at their work.



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